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PermeGear, Inc. manufactures Franz Cells, Side-Bi-Side cells, and related equipment for studying membrane transport and drug diffusion through biological and synthetic membranes. Applications include experimentation in the areas of drug discovery, drug transport, drug screening, controlled release, formulation optimization, dermatology, skin toxicology, oral absorption, buccal absorption, percutaneous absorption, equilibrium dialysis, and protein binding. The most popular application is in the development of transdermal and topical pharmaceuticals. However, our equipment is also used in basic research or preformulation projects requiring measurement of diffusion coefficients, partition coefficients, and membrane permeabilities. We provide both specialized diffusion cells for research projects, such as iontophoresis, cannabinoid testing, and automatic sampling systems for high-output measurements, such as in vitro release from topical pharmaceuticals.

The technological advances in microprocessors and software are making it increasingly more feasible for companies to improve productivity through automation. Project managers face a risk, however, recommending large expenditures now without guarantee of positive returns in the future. Furthermore, we believe that highly trained individuals should not be diverted from their primary research and development projects.

Recognizing these concerns, PermeGear is developing products and services to enable customers to economically automate labor-intensive experimental procedures. Our strategy is to rigorously investigate and thoroughly understand the problem and implement the most effective solution by integrating our products with third-party and in-house resources.

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