Franz Cell Stands

PermeGear Cell Stands are stainless steel assemblies designed to locate Franz cells over the stirring magnets in laboratory stirplates, and Side-Bi-Side Cell Stirrers. These Cell Stands are convenient for holding any vertical cell with a 30mm heating jacket so it may be more easily handled with two free hands. The stainless springsteel component is vertically adjustable to allow for the handblown quality of the cells and the placement of the tubes for the heating jacket. If 9mm or 11.28mm Franz Cells are used with pinch clamps, two cells may be used over each station of any of our H-Series Side-Bi-Side Cell Stirrers.

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The Cell Stand part number for a jacketed Franz Cell is CS-01.

The Cell Stand part number for an unjacketed Franz Cell is CS-02.

Cell Stands for jacketed Franz Cells are about 2.5″ or 6cm square.  If you have an H-Series Side-Bi-Side Cell Stirrer, you can locate two 9mm, 11.28mm, or 15mm Franz Cells over the stirring magnets in each station.

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