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Research Services

PermeGear maintains a research laboratory equipped with all the cell types and systems that are available on this website. Although not GLP compliant, our services are ideal for preliminary or supplementary research providing feasibility testing, compound screening, and proof of concept projects.  PermeGear scientists have extensive experience with in vitro membrane transport research involving the percutaneous penetration and permeation of a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).  This background includes feasibility screening, formulation optimization, permeation enhancement, iontophoresis, and in vitro release testing.

PermeGear experimental capabilities encompass a broad range of membrane models including polymeric membranes, animal skin (mouse, rabbit, and pig) and human cadaver skin.  PermeGear’s Franz Cell diffusion systems are specifically mentioned in a regulatory test procedure of the USP [<1724> Semi-Solid Drug Products – Performance Tests: Figures 2 & 3 (the First Supplement of USP 36, pp. 5778)]. PermeGear Side-bi-Side Cells are useful for evaluating membrane diffusion coefficients and characterizing the effects of hydrodynamic diffusion boundary issues ensuing from highly lipophilic compound diffusion.  While the Franz and Side-bi-Side systems can be adapted to auto-sampling, PermeGear’s unique In-Line Cells are used in our ILC07 Automated System (incorporating a flow-through cell design) which features built-in automated sampling thereby greatly improving experimental efficiency and variability.  [M. Cordoba-Diaz, et al., Journal of Controlled Release 69 (2000) 357-367].

PermeGear specializes in membrane diffusion testing, formulation optimization, and method development. Specific services include topical formulation release, transdermal delivery system evaluation, polymer film characterization, and HPLC method development.

PermeGear also provides training and consulting services including system installation, on-site demo/training, and seminar presentations.  Email [email protected] for more information.