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Diffusion Cells

Franz Cells

PermeGear vertical glass diffusion cells are classic Franz Cells.

Standard orifice diameters are 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11.28mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, other diameters are custom.

Corresponding volumes from 5ml to 20ml are standard and are listed under Typical Dimensions.

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Side-Bi-Side Cells

Smallest class includes the most common Side-Bi-Side Cells having orifice diameters from 5mm to 15mm.

Medium size class has orifice diameters up to 25mm.

Largest class has orifice diameters between 15mm and 60mm.

In all classes of Side-Bi-Side Cells the volumes are dependent on orifice diameter and other factors.

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In-Line Cells

PermeGear In-Line Cells may be thought of as a flow type Franz Cell with a very small receptor volume.

In-Line Cells locate the membrane of interest in the horizontal plane and have donor chambers open to the air although occluded donor chambers are available.

Made from the plastic Kel-F (3M product) or Neoflon (Daikin product).

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PermeGear H-Series Stirrers are made for use with our Side-Bi-Side cells. All but the H1 Stirrers have aluminum supply manifolds mounted toward the rear, which connect to a user-supplied heater/circulator.

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PermeGear V-Series Stirrers are made for use with our Franz cells. These units do not have temperature control of any kind.

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Custom Cells

Most researchers will find the products they require within our standard diffusion cell offerings. Occasionally an experiment requires non-standard features. At PermeGear, we understand the varying technical needs of researchers and are almost always able to customize our cells to your specifications.

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Automated Systems

PermeGear’s Automated Systems incorporate In-Line Cells, a peristaltic pump, a fraction collector, and a heater/circulator into a versatile system for analyzing flux over time.

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Pre-Owned Sales & Rentals

Occasionally we have PermeGear equipment for sale that was traded in or purchased at auction. This equipment is usually in good cosmetic condition and if needed it is repaired to be in perfect running order. We may have used stirrers, diffusion cells, or automated systems in stock.

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